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I knew I had found something really important after receiving my first Reiki treatment in 1987. It was an experience of deep inner peace. My journey with Reiki has been one of uncovering its true and vast potential, not only to heal, but also to empower and transform my life.

I took First Degree in 1988 and Second Degree the following year. Working with Reiki at this deeper level enabled me to face areas of my life which were out of balance - most significantly my work. At the time I was a director in a design engineering company and finding it increasingly stressful and unsatisfying. I sent Reiki to the source of this situation and in so doing I uncovered a core-belief which said 'You can't do what you love to do, you have to do what you're good at'. I discovered that what I really wanted to do was to work with people in the arena of personal transformation. I asked myself where I could get a job doing that! Reiki helped me to find the courage to resign my position, and to move into an area of work that was aligned with my vision: which is to create a 'world that works'.

During the next couple of years whilst working in the field of inter-personal skills development I realised my calling was to become a Reiki Master. I kept taking the steps and in July 1994 I completed my master's training with Marta Getty with whom I had already taken First and Second Degree. Marta was the second person to be trained by Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the current 'Grand Master'. During this period Reiki took me on an incredible period of expansion and creativity; I co-founded 'The Association of European Reiki Practitioners' (now called The Reiki Association) and was its chairman from 1991 - 1993. I completed a Permaculture Design course and co-founded the Bristol skills/resources exchange system known as LETS. I also completed a rebirthing training and even found the time to run occasional singing workshops! Reiki has deepened my vision to encompass Permaculture which is basically a design system for sustainable living. Currently my partner and I are gathering information to enable us to set up a co-housing community. We want to build our own home and be rooted in the land, where we can grow ourselves and our children. We want to create a place for people to live and to visit, which offers abundance, sustenance and nurturing.

Finally, Reiki has empowered me to transform my life, and all it has taken is a willingness to use it, and to keep on using it.

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Chris Williams
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